Firenze, Toscana

The second quick stop on my side trip to Italy was Florence. This city is relatively smaller but has a more eclectic feel than did Venice, being that it is inland instead of isolated on an island. I actually wish I had more time in Florence to peak around and learn the culture a bit more. From the roughly 9-hour layover I had in the city, I was able to get a small taste of the Fiorentini lifestyle. I also was happily able to spend this trip with my Aunt Michelle and cousin Dylan, who had attended university via a study abroad program offered by USF located in Florence.

Sights Around Florence

Yet another beautiful European destination. Florence is packed with tons of historic buildings and monuments. Colorful, gothic, and Renaissance styles permeate this historic yet modern city. The Palazzo Vecchio is pictured here, and outside of it can be found a replica of the famous work of Michelangelo, the David. We did not go to see the original, now housed in the Accademia. However, we were treated to some art delights nonetheless.

After enjoying a lunchtime meal at one of Dylan’s hangout spots, we ventured our way to the Galleria degli Uffizi (Uffizi Gallery). After what seemed like an eternity in line, we finally made our way into the museum for some observation of lovely and timeless art.

I think at this point I nearly exhausted my capacity to be at museums. I’d toured three with the span of as many days, which is about the most I’ve ever done in that span.

Dine and Dash

That evening, we went for a upscale dinner along the river. This offered fantastic views of the Arno river, complete with a view of the setting sun and colorful sky. Our dinner included delicious bruschetta with a bottle of fine Italian wine (I forget which one). My main course was a veggie noodle dish. The taste was superior and presentation worthy of praise.

After finishing our visit together, I bid adieu to my cousin and aunt and set on my way towards my other high-speed train towards Rome. This was a quick jaunt in Florence and one that I wish was longer. Guess that just means I’ll have to come back!

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