My European Adventure by the Numbers

Everyone likes statistics! Everyone likes numbers (well, most people do), at least when they’re in a fun and informative context. Today I want to take some time to share with you some numbers and statistics around my four months in Europe.

A Numbers Game


Number of countries visited: 8

Number of different cities I stayed in: 11

Number of metro systems ridden: 8

  • Metropolitano de Lisboa
  • Metro de Madrid
  • Metro de Barcelona
  • Pražské metro
  • Metropolitana di Roma
  • Софийски метрополитен
  • U-Bahn München
  • London Underground

Number of mountains conquered: 2 (Bulgaria)

Number of different timezones I stayed in: 3

Number of plane rides taken: 11

Number of trains taken: 4

Number of miles by plane and train (round trip total, Toronto-Europe-Detroit): 15,254

Number of vegan restaurants: ~20-25 (I need to total up my cards back home…)

Number of apartments I stayed in: 10

Number of Airbnbs booked: 6

Number of hot springs dipped in: 1

Number of museums visited: 5

Number of times I forgot/lost something sentimental/important: 2 (!)

Number of successful conversations with completely random strangers: 5

Number of bike rides: 4

Number of doctor (ENT) visits: 2 😫

Number of times getting sick: 1

Number of anxiety attacks: less than 5!

Number of stamps in my passport: 8?


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