Praha 1

The month of August found our Kublai Klan in Praha, Czechia. This Central European destination is rich with beautiful buildings and a history that found itself intertwined with communist, Nazi, and Slovak influences. Even though things were not always stable, the Czech capital has thrived over the ages with its strong industry and beautiful cityscape. … More Praha 1

Vivo en España

I am about a month late to writing this, but I wanted to get to it eventually. I took a side trip to Spain last month and found myself among the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. Running Late, As Usual My journey to the titular country started on the overnight train from Lisbon to … More Vivo en España

Fatigue & Reality

The First Week: An Unexpected Slowdown I had high hopes for Portugal coming into Remote Year. Lisbon was the destination I was most looking forward to, embracing the lifestyle of Western Europe joined in a Mediterranean-like setting with the chill atmosphere of the city. The first few days were a honeymoon of sorts. The excitement … More Fatigue & Reality